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I feel so official I have a web site now talking a little about the work I do….



tags, catagories, ideas, bits and bobs

I do like the idea of a blog as a place to put some of the things that come up in my life and work.  Life is a complex thing. I believe even more so when you actively are seeking to understand the whys and how of every day life.

The challenge for me in writing is how to organize things not only for my readers but for myself.

The categories so far that come to mind.

Seasonal magic, natures rites of passage: The poetry and experiences of the year are an obvious entry. The blast of winters chill, the quickening that signals winters waning month, the bright promise of spring and the passions of high summer, Each season of the year has its own magic and purpose,

Seasonal magic is also about our personal rites of passage. Each human being experiences them in one form or another. Some events  can overwhelm your world and some may pass without a flicker of notice. From Birth to Death what will we acknowledge and celebrate? What do we dread and avoid? answering that will tell us much about our self and the culture we spring from. The arrival of a new baby begins this progression of events, Returning to earth in death is the last rite of a life time. As a person of deep spiritual connection, ordained pagan clergy, and a secular celebrant  I have created rites of passage for my family and community  filled with the magic and mystery I live every day.

The other category that I plan to write about is spiritual development. I my opinion spiritual development is not just about your connection to the divine, it is about being human and being GOOD at it, to have the awareness and skills you need to realize your best potential, to be able to flow with the challenges in life, and find joy even in the hardest of circumstance.

One of the wonders of the human experience is that we are all unique. Each of us have our own story, experiences, and understanding of the world. because of this I will often use analogy to explain complex ideas. I have even used more than one with a single client on a single idea, exploring until that light goes on and they can say “oh I get it now”.  The analogy of the ego and its role in our life is coming soon.

One thing about my work,I keep it simple, I am not a doctor of psychology or a professor of philosophy,  I am a simple being with ideas to share, some really cool stories to tell, and a few simple techniques that may make your life just easier.

The begining in the middle….. Quickening

Winter, it has always been a time of study and a time for planning. What shall manifest in the season to come?

As we wait for the snow to melt and the weather to warm the fist signs of spring already are felt deep in the bones

Cabin fever it is called by some.

But I know what it is, It is the Quickening

Can you feel it?
Can you hear it?
Does your blood sing and your heart pound?
It is almost pain, Almost fear

Do you feel the race horse held at the gate?
Do you feel the crack of a frozen lake?
The ancestors dance, bring the earth awake

The fire rise in trees and grass
The fire rise the golden sap
Bud burst forth from winters trap

The unseen storm builds and brews
The power builds to bring renew
The pale folk laugh, drinking deep
Promise made to promise keep

Simple folk we feel it too
Buzzing haunting in our bones
Restless are the human few.
Who hear the movement?
See the sounds
Know the moment

Elf 2009